Manageable Comfort and Maximum Security

To help us fulfill Prisoner Transportation Services’ goal of safe, timely, and efficient extradition, all of our vehicles are customized to provide manageable comfort for inmates and maximum security for our transport agents. Each of our ground transport vehicles is equipped with the following:

  • Compartmentalized interiors to protect the all-around security and safety of transport agents and inmates
  • Professionally-built aluminum transport cells for the safe segregation of males, females, juveniles, violent/high-risk offenders, or mentally ill inmates
  • Seatbelts for each agent and inmate being transported
  • Cameras providing full coverage of our vehicles
  • Secondary and independent heating and air conditioning systems
  • Speed limiting devices set to a maximum speed of 70mph
  • GPS equipment allows for all of our vehicles to be tracked and located across the country on a real-time basis
  • Food delivery access doors that allow for prisoner food service without requiring ingress and egress doors to be opened
  • DOT compliant 24”x24”x75” Driver Sleeper Birth
  • Maintenance and care provided by ASE-Certified mechanics
  • Protected windows (providing added visibility for agents and comfort for prisoners)
  • Flame-retardant, foam seats


Our modern fleet of custom built transport vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art prisoner compartments, DOT compliant electronic logging devices, cameras, segregation compartments and high capacity Air Conditioning and Heat.

All of our transport vans are equipped with the following:

    • Federally mandated Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) to ensure DOT Compliance.
    • GPS Tracking System and Safety Monitoring System.
    • Camera Systems
    • Two-Way Communication Devices.
    • Secured Driving Compartment for U.S.C. Agents/li>
    • Secured Compartment(s) for inmates, unable to be opened from the inside of the inmate compartment(s).
    • Segregation Compartment for ‘Keep Separates’
    • High-Flow/Capacity Air Conditioning and Heating Units to ensure proper heating/cooling.


We employ a fulltime staff of Fleet Mechanics and Technicians to ensure that all of our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards. Vehicles are kept on a strict maintenance schedule which far exceeds the factory schedule. Before and after every trip, transport vehicles are inspected thoroughly by our mechanics and technicians.


In cases where it’s safer, more efficient, or more cost-effective to transport prisoners by air, Prisoner Transportation Services partners with commercial airlines to securely move the individuals.