Safety, Timeliness, & Efficiency

We are pleased to offer several efficient prisoner extradition services that safely transport individuals in the justice system, saving governments time and money.

  • Out-of-state offender transportation (extraditions)
  • In-state offender transportation
  • Court, medical appointment, and local transportation
  • Medical watch/security services in hospitals
  • Air extradition
  • Juvenile offender transportation
  • Medically/mentally disabled offender transportation
  • Mass move transports

we provide our clients
with a promise

With every one of our services, we provide our clients with a promise that we are fully licensed and insured per federal law, and each transport agent has been highly-trained to maintain safe and humane transport conditions for all inmates. Additionally, all of our transport vehicles are equipped with cameras and real-time GPS tracking equipment, which promotes both safety and accountability. Our services are further backed by our commitment to provide 24/7/365 live customer support. Download our Industry Requirements and Standards.