Secure transportation is our expertise at PTS. All vehicles are modified to provide the maximum amount of security possible while keeping comfort and safety in mind. PTS invests significant resources to ensure that our "mobile jails" are as safe and secure as possible.

Extra steps we take

  • Compartmentalized - Maximum security and safety
  • Segregation seats - Added security for females and disruptive prisoners
  • Maintained by ASE-Certified mechanics
  • Protected Windows - Provide added visibility for agents and comfort for prisoners
  • Flame-retardant, foam seats
  • Teletrac GPS systems
  • Transporters and Buses are equipped with flat screen televisions for inmates

Types of Vehicles

  • MCI Buses: 35-Person Capacity
  • Transporters: 21-Person Capacity
  • Full-Size Vans: 12-Person Capacity
  • Mini-Vans: 5-Person Capacity
  • Cars: 2-Person Capacity